Thursday, January 15, 2015

Introducing MrTuner and RDSTune

Two simple gems to help tune your Postgres databases.

I'm a big fan of PgTune. I think that in many cases you can run PgTune and set-it-and-forget-it for your Postgres parameters. I like it so much that I often wish I had access to it in my code - especially when working with Puppet to provision new databases servers.

When I started looking into RDS Postgres a while back I realized that the default configuration for those instances was lacking and I really wished I could run PgTune on the RDS instances.

It was to solve those problems above that these two projects formed.

  • RDSTune will create a MrTuner-ized RDS Parameter Group 
  • MrTuner is a Ruby gem that follows in the sprit of PgTune if not directly in it's footsteps.

Both will run from the command line but, more importantly, they can be `required` by your ruby projects to allow you to access these values programmatically. 

Both Gems are available on rubygems and source, examples, configuration and docks available at their respective bitbucket pages.

RDSTune -
MrTuner -

Feedback and Pull requests very welcome!
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